CEO - BitBull Capital

Joe DiPasquale is CEO of BitBull Capital, the first cryptocurrency fund of hedge funds. BitBull creates a bundle of several of the best 135 crypto hedge funds for its investors, including access to closed funds and high-minimum funds, for one low minimum and 0% management fee. This reduces risk and volatility while producing outsized returns.

Joe has been a cryptocurrency investor since 2013. He has a passion around education on the cryptocurrency space and produces video interviews with top crypto investors and technologists on his youtube, “Crypto Joe.”

Previously, he worked in investment management, investment banking, technology, and strategy consulting at Bain and McKinsey. In 2006, he founded Regroup Mass Notification, the leading mass messaging solution for large organizations. In 2009, he co-founded StartOut, a 501c3 that fosters entrepreneurship in the LGBT community. He completed his BA at Harvard University and MBA at Stanford University, and now lives in San Francisco.
BitBull Capital was launched in 2017 as the first-ever cryptocurrency fund of funds. The BitBull Fund provides access to a basket of best-in-class active managers, closed funds, and funds with multi-million $ minimums. This managed, diversified strategy provides superior risk-adjusted returns when compared against Bitcoin.