General Admission Ticket & Battle Connect & Capital Introduction Roundtable Breakfast



Battle of the Cryptos, New York City – March 13th, 2018
Pre-Event Cocktail Reception – March 12th, 2018

Includes 2 general admission tickets + Battle Connect + Capital Introduction Roundtable Breakfast
The Capital Introduction Breakfast is available to a limited number of ICO’s and Crypto Hedge Funds looking for face-to-face meetings with qualified investors. The investors invited are focused on ICO’s and Cryptocurrencies and are made up of High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices, Fund of Funds, VC’s and Institutional Investors. The Roundtables provide an efficient means for investors to conduct initial due diligence through a combination of presentations and interactive sessions allowing investors to gain valuable insight into the strategy. This due diligence facilitates a wide variety of questions from prospective investors enabling an efficient broad understanding of the offering.

Several rotations take place over a two-hour period resulting in exposure and discussion with a large number of investors in an intimate, fast-paced format. Several weeks prior to the event, participants of the Breakfast are provided access to an online software scheduling system to view all attending investors and preschedule meetings that will take place throughout the day in a “Battle Connect” room staffed to help facilitate all meetings. Prior to the breakfast, all investors will receive details on each of the ICO’s and Crypto Hedge Funds represented to prepare their review and potential questions. At the breakfast each investor will be presented with a booklet containing contact information for each ICO startup along with a one page summary of their offering.