Grand Hyatt, Grand Central, New York City

 Tuesday, March 13th, 7:45am – 7:30pm

(March 12th, 6:00 – 8:00PM Pre-Event Cocktail Reception – location coming soon)

7:45AMRegistration & Coffee
08:00AMMeet the Investors Breakfast
Crypto Hedge Fund and BlockChain ICO’s Capital Introduction Roundtable.

Over 200 investors (Family Offices, HNW Individuals, VC’s, Fund of Funds) participate in a speed dating format to meet with managers and ICO’s.
9:30AMRegistration, Coffee & Networking
10:00AMKeynote Address
State of the Crypto World - From Blockchain Initiatives to the Next Big Cryptocurrency
10:45AMOne-on-One Sidebar Meetings Begin in the ‘Battle Connect’ Meeting Room
10:45AMICO Panel: Finding, Investing and Exiting ICO’s
ICO Launches have not abated and significant capital continues to be raised. What are the core challenges when creating an ICO? From where is most of the money being raised for an ICO? How does an investor differentiate the outstanding ICO’s from those that are nonstarters? How does one even locate an ICO to begin with? Why do many ICO’s not want to raise capital from US Investors?
11:15AMCrypto Investor Panel: Investors Discuss their Experiences in Crypto/ICO Investing
Experienced Crypto investors will discuss their previous experiences when investing in Blockchain ICO’s and Crypto Currencies. Investors will identify their Due Dilligence process and top buy signals when evaluating new opportunities in this new ecosystem. Each investor will share a story either positive or negative that they have lived through. Additional questions will include how, why and when did you get involved in the crypto world.

Moderator: Miko Matsumura, Co-Founder, Evercoin; Venture Partner, BitBull Capital
Kirill Gourov, Director, Eastmore Capital
Bradley Rotter, CEO, pioneer crypto currency investor
James Sowers, Angel Investor, Plutus Edge
11:45AMCoffee & Networking
12:15AMLaunching an ICO: Best Practices!

Charles Michael Yim, Founder & CEO, Cointopia (Shark Tank Winner: 5 Sharks Invested)
12:30PMDecentralized Exchanges: The Future of Trading
Some of the most sophisticated minds in the trading realm will discuss their attempts to be the first successful decentralised exchange. What is a decentralised exchange? How does it function? How is a decentralised exchange different from a traditional exchange? Will decentralised exchanges have to deal with the same order execution concerns, what about front running? What are the greatest vulnerabilities and what are the advantages to a distributed exchange? What is the timeline for launching?

Moderator:James Andrew, Technical Director, Omega One
Michael Oved, Co-Founder, AirSwap
Anton Golub,
Partner, Lykke
1:00PMThe Promise of Cryptocurrencies

Jeffrey Albert Tucker,
Editorial Director, American Institute for Economic Research
1:15PMTrading Cryptos: Revolutionizing How Digital Exchanges Operate

Don Mosites, Co-Founder, AirSwap
1:30PMLunch & Networking
2:30PMHumtap ICO: Creating World Class Musical Scores with your iPhone

Tamer Rashad, CEO, Humtap
2:45PMArtificial Intelligent Sentiment Indicators for Quantitative Hedge Fund Trading

Bram Stalknecht, CEO, Semlab (Trading Cryptos on Sentiment)
3:00PMCrypto Hedge Fund Panel - Investing in Cryptos: How to Find the Next Bitcoin!
Over 250 Crypto Hedge Funds have launched in the past few years and most of them in the past 6 months. What is the landscape of strategies broken down by Bitcoin only, Bitcoin and AltCoin, Altcoin only, new issuances, token type and if quantitative. Why the sudden excitement about launching a Crypto Hedge Fund? Are traders drawn to the volatility? New asset class (retail trader heavy)? Are Crypto prices manipulated? If so how and by whom? When will Institutional Investors begin meaningfully making allocations to the space?

Moderator:Jon Najarian, Founder, Investitute
Joe DiPasquale, CEO, BitBull Capital
Michael Paritee, CEO, Serrada Capital
Alex Gostomelsky, Co-Founder & COO, Digital Asset Strategies
3:30PMSecurity Tokens and the Evolution of ICO's

Carlos Domingo, Founder, SPiCE VC; Founder & Chairman, Securtize
3:45PMCoffee & Networking
4:15PMInternet of Things (IoT) on the BlockChain

Pete Wassell,
Founder & CEO, Augmate
4:30PMCrypto Geopolitics: From Venezuela to South Korea, How Global Influences are Shaping the Evolution of the Crypto World
Will the PetroCoin succeed? Can Korea control the crypto exchanges? Can China stop currency flows outside the country through crypto currencies? Will Central Banks urge their political leaders to shut down cryptos for fear of loss of economic controls and sovereignty?
5:00PMThe Tokenization of the World

Cristina Dolan, COO, iXledger
5:15PMHow Quantum Computing will Enable the Future Success of the Global Blockchain
5:30PMCocktail Reception